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German Carrot Bread this week

This week I’m featuring a new bread, German carrot. It features shredded organic carrots from Roots & Fruits farm in Dalton. It also contains a 7 grain organic mix from Littleton Grist mill. They look and smell fantastic coming out of the oven today!

I also have what are probably the season’s last basil pesto breads – that’s it for my garden’s basil this summer.

See you at the markets!

New breads for August 19 & 21

Two new breads for this week – potato rosemary and sunflower. They smell great while baking today. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

I have just enough basil in my garden to make some more of the popular pesto breads this week, and maybe – just maybe – next week. Grab one while you can! The pesto breads make a fantastic ham sandwich.

As always, I love to hear your feedback at the markets about the breads you like most.

Russian Braid sweet bread this week

This week I’ll be featuring a delicious sweet bread that I brought as a surprise to last week’s Lancaster market. It’s called Russian Braid and will be filled with pastry cream and cherries.

I also will have more basil pesto breads using my own pesto – still lots of basil in the garden! I’ll also be making breads with a sharp Italian cheese.

See you in Berlin today and Lancaster on Saturday.

Featured breads for August 7th

A new bread this week, Baker's Hill Miche

For this week’s Lancaster market I have a variety of special breads: cheese and roasted garlic with a hint of hot pepper, blue cheese and walnut, basil pesto (with basil grown in my own garden), and the always popular Tortano. This week also features a first-time bread – huge loaves of Baker’s Hill Miche made exclusively from freshly-milled sifted whole wheat flour at Littleton Grist Mill. Mild and moist, this is a great loaf for those summer BLTs.

Featured breads for August 5th

I’m baking two special bread varieties for both the Berlin and Lancaster markets this week. The first is made using my own pesto. The basil from my garden was just too good not to make pesto bread this week! The second bread will be for my fellow cheese-lovers. I haven’t decided what cheese to use yet – you’ll just have to visit me at the market. See you soon!