Harvest Market in Berlin and Winter Market in Lancaster

Hello Dear Bread Lovers,

My heart is growing when I see that more and more North Country citizens are supporting a fresh food movement. As a demand for locally grown and made food raises we have more places where we can buy fresh vegetables, breads and meats.

I will be attending both: Harvest Market Berlin  and Lancaster Winter Market this Saturday November 20th.

I will bake my traditional naturally leavened breads-Lancaster Common, Toasted Seeds, Silesian Rye. There will be a Ricotta bread on the menu and a new bread called Miche, which is a darker bread made with sifted whole grain flour.

For those of you who would like to taste something sweet I will bake a Harvest Bread -sweet brioche type of bread with cranberries and dried pears.

See you Saturday!

Your Polish Princess.

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To Norwich to Norwich to buy….

…no, I am not planning to buy any pig in Norwich but I am going for another course at King Arthur Flour Education Center. Hopefully I will come back Wednesday with bright new ideas for how to grow my bakery business.

Meantime it is time to prepare for another baking days: Thursday for Berlin and Friday for Lancaster. I will bake Lancaster Common, Cheese Levain, Silesian Rye, Toasted Seeds, Ricotta and Baguettes this week. Please, check Baking Schedule for details.

Thank you very much everyone who came to shop at the Lancaster Market on Saturday November 5th. The Town Manager makes the heated Town Hall available for our venue-thank you Ed!

Shoppers had a chance to buy: winter squashes (some of them peeled and ready to cook), lettuce, spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, goat feta cheese, carrots, potatoes, shallots, onions, grass fed lamb and beef, herb pestos. Thank you very much our food producers!

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Carrot dip with sunflower seeds & cumin

The recipe listed below I found on a great food blog


I made it two days ago for a food demo at the local food store. I didn’t boil my carrots, I roasted them in the oven at 350 F for about 1/2 hour. Beforhand I marinated them in olive oil,  crushed garlic and rosemary overnight. Both methods make a yummy result.

1 pound carrots, peeled if the skins are bitter
¼ cup roasted sunflower seeds (if you have salted roasted seeds, just use less salt and adjust to taste)
2 small cloves garlic (or 3 cloves, if you like things garlicky)
½ teaspoon ground cumin
¼ teaspoon salt
1 -2 tablespoons fresh lemon or lime juice

1. If you have raw sunflower seeds, preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Toast the sunflower seeds on a cookie sheet in the oven (the oven works well if you’re making extra seeds) for about 10 -12 minutes, until golden-brown and fragrant. Check on them and give them a stir if they are getting too brown in spots. Or, you can toast the seeds on a skillet over medium heat until golden-brown and toasted.
2. Bring a small pot of water to a boil and add a little salt.
3. Slice the carrots.  I do this in the food processor—just cut the stem ends off the carrots and shoot them through the feed tube, pushing with the little pusher cup, small end first.
4. Boil the carrots until soft, 7 to 10 minutes. Drain in a colander when done.
5. Meanwhile, when the sunflower seeds are toasted, peel the garlic and toss it in the cuisinart to mince. Then add the sunflower seeds and process into fine crumbs. Then add the cumin, salt, lemon juice, and carrots, and blend until smooth, scraping down the sides of the food processor as you go.
6. Taste for salt and adjust the lemon. Transfer to a covered container and refrigerate until ready to use (at least 30 minutes).

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German Carrot Bread is back in Berlin-by popular demand

This coming Thursday, Oct. 29th I will bake German Carrot bread with shredded carrots from local farm, 7 grain seed and grain mix. I t is a yummy, moist crusty bread that will satisfy your hunger for wholesome and nutritious food.

I will also bring Silesian Rye, Ricotta Bread and multigrain.

See you at the Greetings Jewelers on Main St. Berlin


Polish Princess is going to cook at Littleton Coop on Monday the 25th

Hello Everyone,

I will have the pleasure of being a guest at Littleton Coop tomorrow, Monday, October 25. I am gearing up for this event with big enthusiasm. You will have a chance to try my 3 signature breads: Lancaster Common, Multigrain and Silesian Rye. We will try to pair it with delicious foods and decide what compliments them best.

As a curiosity, I will bring wheat, rye and oat grasses, buckwheat groats and einkorn grains. I will also show you how i shape them and what makes my bread rise.

Hope you will enjoy it.

See you at the Littleton Coop at 5-5.30PM

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Back to baking…


I  enjoyed my time off but it’s good to know that customers are waiting for their fresh bread.

I will see my customers in Berlin on Thursday at Greetings Jewelers on 107 Main St. 3-6 PM.

Friday is my Lancaster baking, first time in a new location-Twice in a While on corner Main/Elm St. 2-5 PM.

See you there.

Last Outdoor Market in Lancaster and Princess’s little vacation.

I almost made it thru the season!

I will bring Apple bread to the market tomorrow-it combines flavor of fresh cider with chewiness of dried apples. All of these goods come from North Country Orchard, I can easily imagine myself eating this loaf with cheddar cheese. How about some chilled hard cider to go with it?

I will be on vacation next week and after that I will resume my winter baking on fridays for Lancaster and on Thursdays for BErlin.

See you tomorrow!

New newspaper article

The Polish Princess Bakery was featured in an article in today’s Coos County Democrat! It talks about my experience this year participating in the MicroCredit NH program, as well as information about the bakery. Pick up a copy today!

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Garlic rosemary bread and apple rolls…

My New Year resolution that I am announcing right now is…I will always plan my baking on Monday, for the whole week:-)

So what’s new for the October the 2nd Farmers Market?

I baked some great loaves of garlic bread with just a hint of rosemary. The garlic I  bought in early summer from The Lost Nation Produce, they are not in our community anymore but I wish them all the best in their new project, whatever it is.

I will also bring apple rolls, they were  popular last week. I had several people coming back to get more.

Do you realize that this is second before last Market on the Common? Of course, we will have winter markets on the first and third Saturday of November and December and additionally I will continue my tradition of winter per order baking. The pick up place and day will be: every FRIDAY 2-5PM at Twice in a While corner of Main and Elm St.

Twice in a While is a new store run by Jodie Gray, it is a place where Jodie does old fabric restoration, she also hosts local craft gallery with photos, cards, stained glass, wool products from local artists. She will also accommodate me with my breads. I believe it is a very convenient spot with ample parking at the back.

See you Saturday!

Your Baker

Lancaster Market on the 18th

Hello Everyone!

Roger Maykut at North Country orchard will be selling Polish Princess apple pies and breads baked with North Country apples. He also has fresh cider and crisp hard cider for sale, pumpkins , honey and other local food and some crafts. Visit his store at Bray Hill in Whitefield.

I will have corn bread and fresh tomato-rosemary focaccia for sale this Saturday.

See you Saturday,