Last days of summer…

I just cut all my garden basil and turned it all into pesto. This is a last batch of basil pesto bread I am going to bake this summer. For those of you who just cannot get parted with this lovely bread I recommend getting a big supply of the green sauce from Lois Cardin from Herb Sense at Lancaster Market .She does a great job tending her herbs and turning them into delicious pestos. You can spread them on my breads and enjoy them in the fall.

Last week, I got a wonderful  bundle of fresh rosemary from my Berlin customer-look for a bread called Panmarino on Thursday and Saturday.

That would be all for my special breads this week, the rest is as usual: Multigrain-loaded with seeds and grains-nutricious and yummy, Lancaster Common- that goes with everything , my polish Silesian Rye with 40% stone ground whole rye from local mill, Oatmeal bread lightly sweetened with honey and of course Ricotta bread! Let’s not forget my delicious onion rolls-Bialys- with a pool of roasted onions in a center.

See you at the Markets!!!!