North Country BLT

It’s that time of year – do yourself a big favor and make yourself a BLT while you can get all the ingredients fresh at the market. This would make a fantastic easy Thursday night dinner or Saturday lunch after the markets.

Start with the bread, of course. My favorites for a BLT are my Lancaster Common, Pesto, or Ricotta breads. Any of these will toast well if you prefer your BLT that way.

Meadowstone or Peaslee Farms have some of the best bacon you’ll ever taste.

You’ll find tomatoes and lettuce at many of the vegetable vendors. David Craxton’s Roots & Fruits has a variety of heirloom organic tomatoes that are out of this world.

A twist on this idea that I like – get some farm fresh eggs at the market. Fry an egg, sunnyside up, yolk hard or soft according to your preference. Add plenty of fresh ground pepper and turn your BLT into a BELT!