This week’s pizzas

This week’s pizzas at the Lancaster market include:

  • Angry Pizza featuring Roots & Fruits Farm’s cherry bomb peppers and spicy sausage from R&J Meat Center in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.
  • Our popular sweet & sour onion marmalade, blue cheese and walnut pizza.
  • Cheese & tomato sauce.
  • Marinara (tomato sauce, basil, and no cheese).

We’re still experimenting with the pizzas and have been grateful for the fantastic response at the Lancaster market. We are planning to increase the number of pizzas we bring to the market this Saturday to help meet the large demand. We’ll be bringing pizzas in two deliveries on Saturday to do this – one when the market opens and a second batch around 10 AM. If you miss the first batch we hope you’ll be able to return for the second batch. (And if you happen to get pizza from both batches, that can be our little secret). See you on Saturday!