Last market in Berlin.

Thank you to everyone who was supporting my micro bakery at Berlin Farmers Market. It was a great summer on Mechanic Street. I met wonderful people who are very enthusiastic about fresh natural breads. Today, I am bringing for you a fall special-Corn bread, made with freshest corn meal from Littleton Grist Mill.

For those of you who got addicted to Polish Princess Breads,I will bake every Thursday and deliver  to Greeting Jewelers on 107 Main St. at 3 PM. Please note, this is only per order service!

Deadline for ordering is  Monday 8 PM, on September 23rd I will offer : Lancaster Common, Multigrain, Silesian Rye, Ricotta and Oatmeal.

If you want to place an order or you need more information about ordering  don’t hesitate to call me 603-788 2251 or email:

Thank you Berlin!