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Year 2011 at the Polish Princess Bakery

Hello Dear Bread Fans!

Past year I baked and you ate over 5000 loaves of bread that I turned in my small farmhouse kitchen.

I learned more about baking with rye flour and accomplished a course about french breads at King Arthur Flour in Norwich.

I also purchased a a beautiful Ford transit connect to deliver breads to the markets in Berlin and Lancaster.

But the most interesting event of past year was baking with grains grown by David Craxton from Roots and Fruits Farm in Dalton. Dave is a very experienced organic farmer who is experimenting with different varieties of wheat and also rye, barley and oats. He does most of His work (sowing and harvesting) by hand and ages his grains in a high tunnels. He gets help with treshing the grains from “machinery” man-Bill Chidsey of Lancaster who purchased an old tractor powered combine to help with the load of work.

I was able to bake about 100 loaves of bread with Dave’s wheat and rye. Hopefully his research will find followers who will be willing to grow grains on a wider scale. There is nothing better than bread made with freshly ground flour. And what is most interesting each variety of wheat will produce slightly different flavor.

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