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Winter at the bakery

Hello my Dear Bread Lovers,

Days are getting longer and I am dreaming of summer and Farmers Markets. I have been experimenting with new kinds of breads so expect some new varieties to try.

There is a buzz that there will be more local wheat grown in Lancaster vicinity so let’s keep our fingers crossed for successful trials and nice.

I had a chance to bake one loaf of bread from last year harvest of Dalton wheat flour. I got a very nice volume and good flavor. Sorry, there is no picture of the loaf but somehow it dissappears before I take the camera out.

I am flying to Poland on March 19th till April 3rd, so prepare for it and stock up your freezers!

Hope I will meet some bakers there who will want to share their experience:-)

For those of you who would like to purchase my bread: I bake every Thursday, per order. Pick up for Lancaster is 2-5 PM at Twice in a While on Main Str. across Town Hall. Pick up for Berlin is at Greetings Jewelers Main St. 3-6PM.

Thank you for your continuous support!

Your Polish Princess

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