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What and where?

Hello Dear Customers!

Thanksgiving 2010 is a history now, last pieces of pies were eaten for breakfast today:-).

I will bake for Berlin on Thursday, December 2nd and for Lancaster Winter Market on December 4th.

Please, check my baking schedule for bread availability.


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Harvest Market in Berlin and Winter Market in Lancaster

Hello Dear Bread Lovers,

My heart is growing when I see that more and more North Country citizens are supporting a fresh food movement. As a demand for locally grown and made food raises we have more places where we can buy fresh vegetables, breads and meats.

I will be attending both: Harvest Market Berlin  and Lancaster Winter Market this Saturday November 20th.

I will bake my traditional naturally leavened breads-Lancaster Common, Toasted Seeds, Silesian Rye. There will be a Ricotta bread on the menu and a new bread called Miche, which is a darker bread made with sifted whole grain flour.

For those of you who would like to taste something sweet I will bake a Harvest Bread -sweet brioche type of bread with cranberries and dried pears.

See you Saturday!

Your Polish Princess.

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To Norwich to Norwich to buy….

…no, I am not planning to buy any pig in Norwich but I am going for another course at King Arthur Flour Education Center. Hopefully I will come back Wednesday with bright new ideas for how to grow my bakery business.

Meantime it is time to prepare for another baking days: Thursday for Berlin and Friday for Lancaster. I will bake Lancaster Common, Cheese Levain, Silesian Rye, Toasted Seeds, Ricotta and Baguettes this week. Please, check Baking Schedule for details.

Thank you very much everyone who came to shop at the Lancaster Market on Saturday November 5th. The Town Manager makes the heated Town Hall available for our venue-thank you Ed!

Shoppers had a chance to buy: winter squashes (some of them peeled and ready to cook), lettuce, spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, goat feta cheese, carrots, potatoes, shallots, onions, grass fed lamb and beef, herb pestos. Thank you very much our food producers!

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