Polish Princess is going to cook at Littleton Coop on Monday the 25th

Hello Everyone,

I will have the pleasure of being a guest at Littleton Coop tomorrow, Monday, October 25. I am gearing up for this event with big enthusiasm. You will have a chance to try my 3 signature breads: Lancaster Common, Multigrain and Silesian Rye. We will try to pair it with delicious foods and decide what compliments them best.

As a curiosity, I will bring wheat, rye and oat grasses, buckwheat groats and einkorn grains. I will also show you how i shape them and what makes my bread rise.

Hope you will enjoy it.

See you at the Littleton Coop at 5-5.30PM

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New newspaper article

The Polish Princess Bakery was featured in an article in today’s Coos County Democrat! It talks about my experience this year participating in the MicroCredit NH program, as well as information about the bakery. Pick up a copy today!

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New breads for fall

From Polish Princess Bakery Blog Photos

Today in Lancaster I’m bringing focaccia topped with freshly picked cherry tomatoes, herbs and fleur de sel (French sea salt). I also have a new bread: semolina topped with onions and an Italian cheese blend. We devoured a sample this morning fresh out of the oven – I think you’ll love it! See you at the market!

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Thank you!

From Polish Princess Bakery Blog Photos

Thank you for another busy and successful market – see you again this week! With the end of summer comes new ingredients and ideas for autumn special breads….

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MicroCredit New Hampshire

I was accepted into this year’s Coos County Entrepreneurial Program at MicroCredit New Hampshire. We’ve met each month since January 2010, and it’s been a huge help for me in learning to grow the business side of Polish Princess Bakery, not just the baking. The program culminates in October with the development and presentation of my business plan.

In addition to the training, a huge benefit of the program has been getting to know my peers in the community who also have new and growing businesses. What a vibrant and interesting business community we have here in the North Country!

Right now I’m finishing up my business plan for the big presentation on Monday, September 13th. Wish me luck!

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German Carrot Bread this week

This week I’m featuring a new bread, German carrot. It features shredded organic carrots from Roots & Fruits farm in Dalton. It also contains a 7 grain organic mix from Littleton Grist mill. They look and smell fantastic coming out of the oven today!

I also have what are probably the season’s last basil pesto breads – that’s it for my garden’s basil this summer.

See you at the markets!

Pizzas back on Saturday

Sorry for the unexpected absence of pizzas last Saturday – we had a family emergency that took over our Friday and Saturday. (little boys + jumping off porches = emergency room visits!) We’re recovering nicely, though, and expecting to bring pizzas to Lancaster on Saturday. As planned last week, we’ll have some onion / blue cheese / walnut, cheese, and marinara varieties.

Please let us know at the market if there’s any particular toppings you’d like to see. We’re trying hard to make enough for everyone who wants them on Saturday morning.

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New breads for August 19 & 21

Two new breads for this week – potato rosemary and sunflower. They smell great while baking today. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

I have just enough basil in my garden to make some more of the popular pesto breads this week, and maybe – just maybe – next week. Grab one while you can! The pesto breads make a fantastic ham sandwich.

As always, I love to hear your feedback at the markets about the breads you like most.


By popular request, this week we’ll be making more of the sweet-and-sour onion marmalade, blue cheese and walnut pizzas.

We’ll also have our regular assortment of cheese and marinara pizzas.

We’re also planning to bring all our pizzas for the start of the market this week at 9AM. See you then!

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Russian Braid sweet bread this week

This week I’ll be featuring a delicious sweet bread that I brought as a surprise to last week’s Lancaster market. It’s called Russian Braid and will be filled with pastry cream and cherries.

I also will have more basil pesto breads using my own pesto – still lots of basil in the garden! I’ll also be making breads with a sharp Italian cheese.

See you in Berlin today and Lancaster on Saturday.