Polish Princess Breads at Food for Life in Gorham

Newly opened health food store and a restaurant in Gorham NH sells my breads now.

We deliver bread there on Thursdays 2PM.

Food For Life is where the SAAlt Pub used to be in the basement of the Libby’s Bistro.

Go and check this place out. It has got fresh produce, a lot of organic foods, spices, bulk products. There is always something fresh and yummy to eat there-wraps, salads, vegetable smoothies. I had a bowl of hearty chicken soup – it was delicious!

German Carrot Bread is back in Berlin-by popular demand

This coming Thursday, Oct. 29th I will bake German Carrot bread with shredded carrots from local farm, 7 grain seed and grain mix. I t is a yummy, moist crusty bread that will satisfy your hunger for wholesome and nutritious food.

I will also bring Silesian Rye, Ricotta Bread and multigrain.

See you at the Greetings Jewelers on Main St. Berlin


Back to baking…


I  enjoyed my time off but it’s good to know that customers are waiting for their fresh bread.

I will see my customers in Berlin on Thursday at Greetings Jewelers on 107 Main St. 3-6 PM.

Friday is my Lancaster baking, first time in a new location-Twice in a While on corner Main/Elm St. 2-5 PM.

See you there.

Last Outdoor Market in Lancaster and Princess’s little vacation.

I almost made it thru the season!

I will bring Apple bread to the market tomorrow-it combines flavor of fresh cider with chewiness of dried apples. All of these goods come from North Country Orchard, I can easily imagine myself eating this loaf with cheddar cheese. How about some chilled hard cider to go with it?

I will be on vacation next week and after that I will resume my winter baking on fridays for Lancaster and on Thursdays for BErlin.

See you tomorrow!

Garlic rosemary bread and apple rolls…

My New Year resolution that I am announcing right now is…I will always plan my baking on Monday, for the whole week:-)

So what’s new for the October the 2nd Farmers Market?

I baked some great loaves of garlic bread with just a hint of rosemary. The garlic I  bought in early summer from The Lost Nation Produce, they are not in our community anymore but I wish them all the best in their new project, whatever it is.

I will also bring apple rolls, they were  popular last week. I had several people coming back to get more.

Do you realize that this is second before last Market on the Common? Of course, we will have winter markets on the first and third Saturday of November and December and additionally I will continue my tradition of winter per order baking. The pick up place and day will be: every FRIDAY 2-5PM at Twice in a While corner of Main and Elm St.

Twice in a While is a new store run by Jodie Gray, it is a place where Jodie does old fabric restoration, she also hosts local craft gallery with photos, cards, stained glass, wool products from local artists. She will also accommodate me with my breads. I believe it is a very convenient spot with ample parking at the back.

See you Saturday!

Your Baker

Lancaster Market on the 18th

Hello Everyone!

Roger Maykut at North Country orchard will be selling Polish Princess apple pies and breads baked with North Country apples. He also has fresh cider and crisp hard cider for sale, pumpkins , honey and other local food and some crafts. Visit his store at Bray Hill in Whitefield.

I will have corn bread and fresh tomato-rosemary focaccia for sale this Saturday.

See you Saturday,


Last market in Berlin.

Thank you to everyone who was supporting my micro bakery at Berlin Farmers Market. It was a great summer on Mechanic Street. I met wonderful people who are very enthusiastic about fresh natural breads. Today, I am bringing for you a fall special-Corn bread, made with freshest corn meal from Littleton Grist Mill.

For those of you who got addicted to Polish Princess Breads,I will bake every Thursday and deliver  to Greeting Jewelers on 107 Main St. at 3 PM. Please note, this is only per order service!

Deadline for ordering is  Monday 8 PM, on September 23rd I will offer : Lancaster Common, Multigrain, Silesian Rye, Ricotta and Oatmeal.

If you want to place an order or you need more information about ordering  don’t hesitate to call me 603-788 2251 or email:

Thank you Berlin!

Last days of summer…

I just cut all my garden basil and turned it all into pesto. This is a last batch of basil pesto bread I am going to bake this summer. For those of you who just cannot get parted with this lovely bread I recommend getting a big supply of the green sauce from Lois Cardin from Herb Sense at Lancaster Market .She does a great job tending her herbs and turning them into delicious pestos. You can spread them on my breads and enjoy them in the fall.

Last week, I got a wonderful  bundle of fresh rosemary from my Berlin customer-look for a bread called Panmarino on Thursday and Saturday.

That would be all for my special breads this week, the rest is as usual: Multigrain-loaded with seeds and grains-nutricious and yummy, Lancaster Common- that goes with everything , my polish Silesian Rye with 40% stone ground whole rye from local mill, Oatmeal bread lightly sweetened with honey and of course Ricotta bread! Let’s not forget my delicious onion rolls-Bialys- with a pool of roasted onions in a center.

See you at the Markets!!!!