New location

After several years of baking bread out of my house and selling at the farmers’ markets in Berlin and Lancaster I decided to take an opportunity and open a retail bakery -cafe downtown Lancaster.

The bakery will open in a historic building that used to be a shoe store, grocery store and a Tri County CAP office and second hand store before it burned down several years ago.

Bought by a local entrepreneur, it was thoroughly renovated and brought up to code.

Polish Princess Bakery will serve butter pastries, quiche, soup and espresso drinks. Once our bread oven arrives, we will have french breads, hearty ryes and sourdoughs for sale.

Happy Baking and see you at the bakery!

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Polish Princess Breads at Food for Life in Gorham

Newly opened health food store and a restaurant in Gorham NH sells my breads now.

We deliver bread there on Thursdays 2PM.

Food For Life is where the SAAlt Pub used to be in the basement of the Libby’s Bistro.

Go and check this place out. It has got fresh produce, a lot of organic foods, spices, bulk products. There is always something fresh and yummy to eat there-wraps, salads, vegetable smoothies. I had a bowl of hearty chicken soup – it was delicious!

Year 2011 at the Polish Princess Bakery

Hello Dear Bread Fans!

Past year I baked and you ate over 5000 loaves of bread that I turned in my small farmhouse kitchen.

I learned more about baking with rye flour and accomplished a course about french breads at King Arthur Flour in Norwich.

I also purchased a a beautiful Ford transit connect to deliver breads to the markets in Berlin and Lancaster.

But the most interesting event of past year was baking with grains grown by David Craxton from Roots and Fruits Farm in Dalton. Dave is a very experienced organic farmer who is experimenting with different varieties of wheat and also rye, barley and oats. He does most of His work (sowing and harvesting) by hand and ages his grains in a high tunnels. He gets help with treshing the grains from “machinery” man-Bill Chidsey of Lancaster who purchased an old tractor powered combine to help with the load of work.

I was able to bake about 100 loaves of bread with Dave’s wheat and rye. Hopefully his research will find followers who will be willing to grow grains on a wider scale. There is nothing better than bread made with freshly ground flour. And what is most interesting each variety of wheat will produce slightly different flavor.

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Polish Princess Bakery summer schedule


When we were moving to the North Country early spring several years ago, we stopped at the bookstore in Littleton. We started chatting with the person working there. We were very happy to be able to live far from fast pace of a big city in region so rich in natural beauty. As we were praising how wonderful our life is going to be here the gentleman from the bookstore said: “Yeah, but winter is very LOOONG here.” At that time I thought it was his attitude till today….

Well, the summer will come even if the spring did not.

Our Lancaster Farmers Market starting May 21 (two weeks earlier than it used to be) is a good sign that things are going in a good direction.

Our local farmers are growing greens and possibly other veggies in tunnels so we can have fresh food earlier in the season.

How great news is that!

Of course your Polish Princess Bakery is going to bring your old and hopefully new favorites as well.

Do you still remember Honey Sticky Buns and Casatiello Rolls?

How about trying something new this summer: Polish Babkas, Irish scones, savory scones, French vegetable pies…?

We will see if any of my new products will become your favorite?

Lancaster Market will run on Saturdays 9AM-NOON

Have warm spring!


Winter at the bakery

Hello my Dear Bread Lovers,

Days are getting longer and I am dreaming of summer and Farmers Markets. I have been experimenting with new kinds of breads so expect some new varieties to try.

There is a buzz that there will be more local wheat grown in Lancaster vicinity so let’s keep our fingers crossed for successful trials and nice.

I had a chance to bake one loaf of bread from last year harvest of Dalton wheat flour. I got a very nice volume and good flavor. Sorry, there is no picture of the loaf but somehow it dissappears before I take the camera out.

I am flying to Poland on March 19th till April 3rd, so prepare for it and stock up your freezers!

Hope I will meet some bakers there who will want to share their experience:-)

For those of you who would like to purchase my bread: I bake every Thursday, per order. Pick up for Lancaster is 2-5 PM at Twice in a While on Main Str. across Town Hall. Pick up for Berlin is at Greetings Jewelers Main St. 3-6PM.

Thank you for your continuous support!

Your Polish Princess

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Happy New Year!

Hello my Dear Bread Lovers!

With a new 2011 rolling down the hill I have some good news to post:-)

1. I got several new books about bread. This hopefully will turn into some new bread flavors.

2. I signed up for another baking course-“Baking with locally grown grains”

Locally grown grains?-you might ask. Oh yes! I have 2Lbs. of flour milled from variety of wheat called “Glenn”, grown at the Roots and Fruits farm in DAlton, NH by my friend Dave Craxton. I am planning to bake 3 kinds of naturally leavened bread using 3 kinds of whole wheat flour. I will post about the result and take some pictures.

3. Hungry for bread? You can start ordering for January 13th Thursday. My Lancaster Customers-baking day for you will be Thursday with a pick up @ Twice in a While 2-5PM. I promise no more changes till summer when Farmers MArkets will start again.

Happy Baking!

Your Polish Princess

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Wesolych Swiat!!!

Hello !

This is a beautiful time of year indeed. We connect with our loved ones at the table celebrating with traditional for this time of year foods. We slow down for a moment.

I wish you a wonderful holidays this year!

Thank you very much for you patronage!

Happy Baking!

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Christmas Baking Saturday December 18th

Hello My Dear Customers!

Do you feel Christmas is so close? I do! Specially when I am gearing up to fill all your bread needs for the Holidays.

I will be selling my breads on Saturday, December 18th in two location:

Berlin-Bickford Place Main Street 10-2

Lancaster -Town Hall 9-NOON.

I will bring Rum Raisin Babkas and some new breads:

  • Whole Wheat Levain with 100% Whole Wheat flour locally milled
  • Cranberry-Nut Levain
  • Almond Russian Braid
  • Rye-Fennel Crackerbread from Austria

Besides above you will have a chance to buy:Lancaster Common, Toasted Seeds, Silesian Rye,Ricotta,Oatmeal-honey.

See you at the Markets!

Magdalena Randall

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What and where?

Hello Dear Customers!

Thanksgiving 2010 is a history now, last pieces of pies were eaten for breakfast today:-).

I will bake for Berlin on Thursday, December 2nd and for Lancaster Winter Market on December 4th.

Please, check my baking schedule for bread availability.


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